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Standard Trading 

Rental Terms & Conditions

1) Without prejudice to and in addition to any rights that MIT Technology Pte Ltd has at law and/or in equity, MIT Technology Pte Ltd shall have the right to immediately suspend any or all works under Rental Contract without notice should there be default in payment by the Client and in such event, MIT Technology Pte Ltd shall not be liable for any loss or damaged that may result to the Client and/or any other person whether directly or indirectly, as a result of such suspension.

2) Client shall be responsible for monitoring, extraction of data & submitting reports by themselves, MIT Technology Pte Ltd is only responsible for the renting of the stated unit mentioned herein. MIT Technology Pte Ltd shall not be liable for any loss, fines or damaged that may result to the Client and/or any other person whether directly or indirectly, as a result of such. Clients reserved to rights to reject the goods during delivery and it is customer responsibility to ensure and check through the goods before signing the DELIVERY ORDER.

3) No acts of ignorance or negligence by client unless determined by MIT Technology Pte Ltd.

4) Before completion of rental during the stated months, customer is to inform MIT Technology Pte Ltd at least 2 weeks in advanced for the termination else an automatic monthly renewal basis till advised likewise will be chargeable to customer. Monthly rental will be based on contract agreed until termination requests from customer.


5) Any claims or requests from the “3rd Party” are not ACCEPTABLE under all circumstances unless advised by customer in writing to MIT Technology Pte Ltd.

6) Any early termination before rental due date are not refundable.


7) Rental renewal after contract period are subjected to stock availability and schedules meaning if the units are allocated to other customer prior to renewal, we reserved the rights to collect back the units unless customer in writing to us indicating their intention to extend the rental period. Terms (4) applies.


8) Client shall be responsible for NEW replacement within (30) Days of items due to loss. Theft, damage or any unforeseen circumstances:

(i) Defects / Man-made Damages that are deem by Customer or 3rd Party.

(ii) Unauthorized personnel meddling with the equipment.   

(iii) Loss / Theft that are caused by Customer or 3rd Party.

(iv) Defects / Damages determined by as abuses / alterations / modifications / misuse / relocation / shifting of unit / mishandling / wears & tears / drop from height / impropriate usage or maintenance by client / unforeseen factors caused by environment, external factors or client. 

9) MIT Technology Pte Ltd reserved the rights to early terminate or suspend any services render to customer and claiming all charges from customer as a result of defaulting above clauses or any payment outstanding.

10) Customer at all times should take care of the equipment / instrument during the rental period and no Sub-Renting or lending to 3rd party without prior notice to MIT Technology Pte Ltd  in writing and agreed by MIT Technology Pte Ltd.

11) Any shifting or relocation of unit requested by customer during the rental period are chargeable. Any troubleshooting during the rental period which are not failure of the unit by itself but due to customer's ignorance or negligence, we reserved the rights to charge additional troubleshooting charges per trip unless in writing MIT Technology Pte Ltd agrees to wavied off the charges.

12) If Customer didn't received SMS alerts from ["MIT"] monitoring system, it is the customer's responsibility to inform us at the earliest to rectify the issues. It is not ["MIT"] responsibility to help customer to monitor all monitoring system renting from us.

13) MIT shall not be liable/responsible for removals/making good after any rental/instrumentation monitoring on-site, customer shall remove or making good as per their client's requests for all rental/instrumentation  instruments installed on-site at their own expenses. If customer requesting MIT to perform such services, additional charges shall applies.

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