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What is Real-Time Wireless WBGT Monitoring?

MIT provides a cost efficient ways by integrating WBGT Heat Stress meter and created an uninterrupted and continuous monitoring for your construction site needs. MIT's proprietary M.I.R.T system and web based platform which we called it Monitoring In Real Time system provides a solutions to lower manpower cost for monitoring Heat Stress Injury from construction sites and to complies with the regulatory requirement for Ministry of Manpower (MOM) regulations and Workplace Safety and Health Institute (WSHI) guidelines.

The Wireless Real-Time WBGT Monitoring System consists of WBGT Meter and using 4G high speed cellular modem to transmit "LIVE" WBGT readings to our platform every 5 minutes and more details analysis like Air Temperature, Globe Temperature, Wet Bulb Temperature & WBGT for indoor/outdoor all in a single platform. You can also print directly from the website for generation of Heat Stress report for submission.


Lastly, using solar-powered and backup battery to ensure the system operation integrity for uninterrupted and continuous throughout your projects requirement. On-site troubleshooting for the system during breakdown will also be available to minimize and reduce the "break-down time" will be available too. 


Heat Stress Injury By MOM

We also provide services as follows

  • Sales of WBGT Equipment

  • WBGT Onsite Testing & Measurement

  • WBGT Monitoring Services

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